50ms to Judge your Site

I got the lead from Seth Godin’s article, on which he cites http://www.nature.com/news/2006/060109/full/060109-13.html: “Potential readers can make snap decisions in just 50 milliseconds” Reminds me of the audible book that i listened to by  Malcolm Gladwell….entitled “Blink”. So what does this mean for ‘proper design’? These days, enlightened web users want to see a “puritan” approach, Caudron adds. […]

Increasing Site Traffic by Citing Others

I was reviewing the traffic logs to see where my visitors (that’s you) are coming from, and how you were referred to my site. I happily discovered that some of you came here because of a link in technoratti … where the search term was ‘sassy lawyer’. It seems that one of my articles contained […]

JUX2 Search Engine

From: http://www.jux2.com/about_different.phpConventional wisdom is that the search engines serve up very similar results. Our research suggests the opposite: that search engines are far more different than most people think. For example, what do you suppose is the overlap between the top 10 results on Google and the top 10 results on Yahoo! for the average […]

Google’s Estimated Adsense Commission?

If this NY Times article is to be believed: 21.5%. This article was first seen in NY Times. But i first stumbled into this article from a b*log by outer-court.com: “Google.com and the company’s foreign search sites contribute more to Google’s bottom line than AdSense, because for every dollar the company brings in through AdSense […]

Just Passed my Google Adword Exam

I have just passed the Google Adword Certified Professional exam. I should be receiving confirmation in the next few days. My Client Center should be updated by then…..