Should Dealers of Pirated Software be made liable for Data Loss?

If one were to buy a PC and your neighborhood dealer installed pirated windows on it, should this dealer be liable for loss of data that results from the windows version crashing? As most of you know, a pirated version of Windows may not be able to update itself, or download patches that make it […]

Video: The Future of Microsoft


Fixing the Restrict cmdExec to Sysadmin Issue in SQL 2008

I just applied sql2008 service pack 1 and the problem went away!

How to Restrict CmdExec access to the Sysadmin role

I came across a security warning from Microsoft Baseline Analyzer as it was checking out the security posture of a SQL deployment. It highlighted the need for me to “Restrict CmdExec access to Sysadmin”. For the life of me, I didnt know how to do this, and a quick search didnt show any relevant results. […]

Cisco ASA License Woes

I have been engaged to deploy a Cisco ASA 5505 device this week. It came with the basic license package. The client wanted the classic deployment, one vlan for the external interface, one vlan for the inside interface and a third vlan for DMZ (Demilitarize zone). Id like to share with you that this cant […]