Blogging Made a Difference in Malaysian Election

Singapore’s Today Newspaper published an article that Malaysian PM Abdullah admits underestimating the Internet. The Malaysian opposition meanwhile made full use of it, with one Opposition candidate, 67 year old DAP chairman Lim Kit Siang updating 3 blogs with multiple posts daily. This allowed the opposition to reach out to the young urban and educated […]

Another Scam: Chevron Email

I have called up Chevron House personally and was able to confirm that this is a SCAM. Please be aware that you should not respond in any way to this type of email. I am reproducing this below: From: Richardson, Alan R. [] Sent: Thu 3/20/2008 12:04 AM To: undisclosed-recipients Subject: NOTICE FROM SINGAPORE Chevron […]

Digital Forensics Course

There is an upcoming Digital Forensics course to be held in the Grand Millenium Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The event is organized by Mgdelxis (formerly SLJ International) and the facilitator would be Mr Seamus Byrne, COO of eDiscovery Tools. Mr Byrnes is both a lawyer and a techie, being accredited by enCase and CCE. For […]

Windows Media Server 2008 install problems

I got my copy of Windows 2008 Beta 3 from Microsoft Philippines courtesy of Sir Jay. I went to work to immediately install the Windows Media Server 2008 to take a peek at how the new cache/proxy system would work for The new media server 2008 is also supposed to provide up to 40% […]

Starhub Users: Is your Wifi Disconnecting a lot?

My Wifi (linksys) has been on the blink lately. On random occasions, the wifi just drops, although the signal strength is excellent. This caused me to suspect a hacking attack. True enough I took a look at the linksys wifi router’s inbound log and saw a bunch of these targetting port 54133. Read more: […]