Windows Media Server 2008 install problems

I got my copy of Windows 2008 Beta 3 from Microsoft Philippines courtesy of Sir Jay. I went to work to immediately install the Windows Media Server 2008 to take a peek at how the new cache/proxy system would work for

The new media server 2008 is also supposed to provide up to 40% performance enhancements. However, to my dismay, I wasnt able to to install the downloaded software update. I keep getting the “The Update does not apply to your system”. I used Windows6.0-KB9341518-x86-Server file.

Hmm.. my first thought was that because the windows2008 copy was only in Beta 3, I may have to upgrade. So I did the upgrade, I downloaded the windows 2008 RC1 and then also downloaded the media server 2008 for RC1.

Still got the same problem. Anyone out there that has forged ahead on this? Please help.