Google Toolbar v4.0

Just read this from Matt Cutt’s b*log. Google just released beta of Toolbar v4.0. What caught my eye was the server-side bookmarks. From what i understand, this allows users to save their most commonly visited sites on a server somewhere. This allows the user to click on the links, from whatever computer they use. If […]

New Google Adword Tool

I have several adwords campaign running. Each campaign is made up of several adgroups. Each adgroup will be triggered by a set of keywords. I recently had a need to copy the keywords (100s) from one adgroup to another adgroup. The normal way i would do it, is to go to the adgroup where the […]

Making your Blog successful

While technology can help. It only goes so far to make YOUR blog successful. There are the ‘soft’ components that matter. This is a quote from Seth Godin’s “Who’s there?”.pdf The best blogs start conversations, they don’t control them. He says it all, and says it best. So what i am going to do, is […]

Creative use of Image Links

Wow! Pangasinan Educator’s b*log just made use of WordPress’ Image Links! Looks better than merely using the drab old text links. How was this done? Well, from the usual dashboard interface of wordpress, go to Links, add a link and then scroll down to the image options below. Upload your image and put in the […]

Dont Google in China

Just found out that Google is letting the Chinese Government take a peek at the searches in China. Amazing, that Google can refuse the US government, but back down when it comes to China. Must mean China is more powerful than the US.