I have heard of terms like, tag cloud , RSS, feed aggregator and the like. And frankly, i’m a bit confused by all these. While i will endeaver to learn these in the future, maybe you can help me out by leaving comments or pointing me to the right direction? How exactly does having […]

Keep Search Engines in Mind

This was one of the advice on B*logspot help on how to promote your site. But i’m one of those chaps that need to find the shortest path to an objective. I don’t have time to read the whole theory behind making a site ‘search-engine’ friendly. Thankfully, Mark Martirez of, sent me an email […]

Blog Creation Time is critical

I have never thought of this matter, until i read Chris Garrett’s view on the matter. Indeed if one is to have a blog, it would have to span several time zones, with different periods at which your visitors arrive. So how do you know when the bulk of traffic arrives? Simple! Get a traffic […]

Getting more relavant Adsense Ads

One web property we have is a browser based email reader. The problem with this page however, was that the ads for my users tend to all be related to exchange, imail, mail, email, spam, anti-virus and a lot of techie stuff, that frankly, my readers don’t care at all for these types of ads. […]