Avoid the Word ‘B*log’

Ever wondered why your adsense ad units are related to ‘b*log’-ing? Wonder no more? An article by David A. Utter in Webpronews.com reveals that: Don’t call it a b*log, ThirdSquare’s Dio advised in a recent post about AdSense and b*logs. It seems AdSense loves to display ads about b*logs on b*logs, which frequently doesn’t relate […]

Cool Google Proxy Hack

Read this from an article from Oreilly.com Instead of translating a web site from one language to another language, use it as a proxy. Mind you, the hack does not really hide your true IP address tho. http://www.google.com/translate?langpair=en|en&u=www.forbiddensite.com (www.forbiddensite.com stands for the URL you need to go to…) Alas, i thought the article showed us […]

Subscribed to SEO-Philippines Yahoo egroups

Just subscribed and got accepted to the SEO-Philippines Yahoo group. I have an immediate reward in the form of links to SEO articles from the confirmation email that i got. Definitely worth joining this forum!: Book 1: Keyword Research Guide from Wordtracker (75 pages) This book presents the keyword research task in case study format. It’s slightly […]

4 degrees of Separation to MSN Adcenter

While exchanging emails with Migz Paras, i got to check out Marc Macalua’s SEO website. There i learned that MSN Adcenter was already in Beta. I could try to apply for a MSN adcenter account! I had b*logged about the MSN adcenter before, but thought that it would be quite a while before we could actually use […]