Broadvoice Support

Being a techie its unavoidable that I also dabble a little bit into VOIP. We set up an Asterix based IP PBX in our lab and hooked it up to use Broadvoice as a gateway. Initially the service was okay. The voice quality was acceptable. Lingo and Vonage are better, but hey, they both dont […]

My First Permalink!

My thanks to the author of IT Related Blog for being the first to link to my new blog. Thank you!

Gmail as a Forensic Tool

This may sound weird, and i tried to get this idea published (It was rejected, for obvious reasons). But thank God for blogs. I can CHOOSE to publish it here! More to the point, how does one turn Gmail into a forensic tool? Before i tell you the answer, how about you guys try to […]

Guy Kawasaki’s B*log

Guy Kawasaki is one of my favorites. I read 3 of his books already, (one of which he personally signed!) and some video and audio materials as well. Now that he has his own b*log, we can get to read about his ideas almost on a regular basis!