Useful crowdsourcing links

Most of the list is from Aliza Shermans book on Crowdsourcing: Answers Wikianswers Yahoo Answers Design Guerra Creativa 99 Designs Crowdspring Branding Squadhelp Ads Creative Prova Tongal Idea Generation Ideaoffer Innocentive Ninesigma Ideaconnection ennovent Cofundos Instant Workforce Clickworker Cloudcrowd Crowd Flower Samasource Mech Turk Ning Grouply Zooppa Whinot Poptent Crowdtap Crowd Testing userteting Mob4hire […]

Reading Notes on Communications and Trust in Global Virtual Teams

Can we trust people who we don’t know, have never seen or met, and live in another part of the world altogether? Julie, Vemmy and Gekling would probably say no, since they wrote about Charles Handy’s paper. They would echo John Naisbitt’s ‘High Trust needs High Touch’ mantra – the more virtual an organization, the […]

Webservice to help in Market Research

Learned about this from the garage seminar in Singapore: If you are looking to validate a business idea, try For a low price, they will provide survey respondents that are filtered by 9 demographic parameters!

IBM blamed for GSIS woes

Inquirer ( reported today that the GSIS intends to sue IBM for GSIS’s woes on DB2 server crashing! On the surface, it looks like IBM’s DB2 product did not scale very well to handle GSIS transaction volume. IBM’s defense is that it was not part of the evaluation process in the selection of the GSIS […]

Project 2007:Missing Password Protection

I wanted to save and password protect my project in Project 2007. But I couldnt follow the steps in the book [The Missing Manual] page 115. It turns out that the reason is my lab setup for project 2007 had it saving the projects into Project Server. The only way to show the screen below […]