Security:Counter Attack?

It is illegal to do any of the things that will be mentioned in this post. But to spice things up, let us assume that the law is somehow magically waived in this instance. What would be a ‘fair’ thing to do in the instance below: As an administrator, you get several warning emails from […]

Networking at ASME event

I was able to attend my first ASME seminar entitled “Expanding Retail Markets”. I was able to meet up with a lot of SME owners, founders and managing directors. Here is a list of some of them: Mr Terry Thng, managing director of a Mr Thng has the Singapore Country franchise for bartering that […]

Keyloggers in Cyber Cafes Sanctioned by Govt?

This item is from: ISAW was informed that most of the keyloggers in Internet cafes are sanctioned by the governmet. An Internet cafe owner informed us that some personnel of a law enforcement agency has approaced him and talked to him about the possibility of putting keyloggers in all of his internet cafes. The […]

Free Home Service Job Portal site

Are you looking for carpenters, masons, electricians, plumbers but dont know one in your area? Bitstop Network services has just launched their home service job portal as a free service to both job providers and the job employers!

Disagreeing with Seth Godin

In this article Meeting, my favorite marketing guru Mr Seth Godin reacts to an article in Gaping Void and argues about the Open source actually meeting the current needs of the shareholder community. To quote: “It turns out that open source can do a brilliant job of meeting their actual needs (lower overhead to install […]