Verizon’s Report Outlines Time to Respond for Web Incidents

42% takes days before a web incident can be contained.

How to Remove Leading Zeros in Excel

I had the occasion to download a blacklist of IPs. The problem was that this machine generated list padded zeros in front of it. For example, instead of it was listed as I didnt relish having to manually edit all 10,000 IP addresses. So I did research. This post gave a formula to […]

Using Squid to block WordPress XMLRPC attacks

Have you been hit with a lot of xmlrpc based attacks on your wordpress installation? Are attackers planning to insert malware into your wordpress installation (soak-soak)? I have a simple solution to share with you. Since this website uses BNShosting web mirror service, i thought of using the squid service to block the tons of […]

Troubleshooting Tip

I was asked to help with a webserver whose web pages could not be browsed/accessed from outside. The first thing i did was to check for network connectivity. If i could ping the server and it responded, then it means there is a valid network connection between the web server and my PC. c:\>ping […]

GSM Spoofing for Under 6000 USD

Two security researchers Wednesday [August 03, 2011] unveiled a remote-controlled, unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) that is capable of cracking Wi-Fi passwords, exploiting weak wireless access points, and mimicking a GSM tower to intercept cell phone conversations The Wi-Fi Aerial Surveillance Platform (WASP) was built by Mike Tassey and Richard Perkins, two security researchers seeking to […]