Widows Live Training in Thailand

Again my thanks to Jay J of Microsoft for including me in the fantastic training on Windows Live offerings. Here is a summary of the things that were new to me and I learned only from the training, and from the members of the class: Windows Virtual Earth and Map Crunch (from Hugh S. of […]

Thank You Microsoft for hosting MVP 2008

Techie is proud to have been invited to this year’s Microsoft MVP Global Summit 2008 at at the Washington State Trade and Convention Center in Seattle and at Microsoft headquarters in Redmond, Washington. What is the MVP Global Summit? The MVP Global Summit is a four-day invitation-only event hosted at the Washington State Trade and […]

NTC’s New VOIP Regulations

The short end of it: I dont like the regulations. The newer one is worse than the old one. Before, it was bad enough that NTC puts up a host of barriers to help entrenched players, NOW, the newer regulations even states the interconnection charges! My personal view is for NTC to review its policy […]

MSN Adcenter Account–Thanks to Howard L.

I would like to personally thank Mr Howard L. of Microsoft for helping me out with my MSN Adcenter registration. For those of you that don’t know yet, MSN Adcenter is Microsoft’s answer to Google Adwords. The problem is that MSN Adcenter is still in BETA and is available only in the US and by […]

Avoid the Word ‘B*log’

Ever wondered why your adsense ad units are related to ‘b*log’-ing? Wonder no more? An article by David A. Utter in Webpronews.com reveals that: Don’t call it a b*log, ThirdSquare’s Dio advised in a recent post about AdSense and b*logs. It seems AdSense loves to display ads about b*logs on b*logs, which frequently doesn’t relate […]