Analytics Shootout Results

Eric Enge’s article on analytics is spot on in putting light on why different analytics packages, produces differing results. Eric is the President of Stone Temple Consulting. He is also a founder in Moving Traffic Incorporated, the publisher of Custom Search Guide, a directory of Google Custom Search Engines, and City Town Info, a site […]

Great Ruby on Rails Training by Nextlogic

I wanted to learn more about Ruby on Rails training and I got it over the weekend (seriously, the training was on saturday and sunday), from The training was conducted by Peter Bohm and his wife Dasha! I was seated beside Peter’s little sister, Janka (pronuonced Yanka) Bohmova. Incidentally, i found out that in […]

SubPrime Mortgage Woes and BPO in the Philippines

With the current market turmoil in the US arising from Sub Prime lending, many are wondering how this would affect the BPO industry in the Philippines. Would it result in higher volume of work? Or will the opposite be true? Despite the negative news and forecast for the US Mortgage industry, BPO firms still sees […]

Ruby on Rails

Ariel of Hardware Zone referred this Ruby on Rails training opportunity to me. I have just enrolled in it. The class will be on Saturday and Sunday. I have asked my Brother In Law, TH, to buy the Dummies book for me. This will help me get prepared for the class.