Affiliate Management Software Evaluation

After listening to Mr Dustin Andaya ( speak on his experience using affiliate marketing to increase their online sales, I started an evaluation process for the right software to use. It is here that I ask for your help. Do you have experience in running or managing affiliate networks? What features would you consider most […]

Promoting or Plagiarising?

When another site lifts part of your content and posts it in their own website, could you consider that copying as helping (promoting) your site? or is it plagiarising your content? My take on the above is to see if the ‘other’ site give credit by way of links back to your site as the […]

ISP to Media Company?

I remember 3 years ago, at Cagayan de Oro, where as an ISP franchise of, we had a group strategy session to think up of ways to survive the onslaught of telcos becoming ISPs themselves, I proposed then that we remodel ourselves and think of ourselves, not as ISP providers, but as media companies. […]

Real Media attacks real people via RealPlayer

Real media adverstising servers were explotied to deliver malware to end users. This attack vector is alarming. read more | digg story

Microsoft: How the Empire Plans to Strike Back

Microsoft was late to online advertising, letting Google all but run away with that sector. It hasn ’t had a big Web 2.0 hit yet. But Steve Ballmer isn’t worried. Instead of buying yahoo or google at their peak, Microsoft would be better off buying or investing in the next yahoo or google, while these […]