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Google Web Alert for: search engine optimization, google adsense, google adwords, google analytics, computing security,podcasts, transcription August 13, 2006 – August 19, 2006 [SearchEngineWatch] In part two, "today's" search podcast, we cover Google Maps getting coupons for ….. YSM API, Google AJAX API & AdWords API), Search Engine Roundtable … Ausis World Of Solutions | […]

Convert your blogs to Podcasts

The following useful links were taken from: BlueGrind – Converts text (especially blogs) into podcasts. Feed2Podcast – Convert any RSS feed into a podcast. Talkr – Convert blogs to audio podcasts. Odiogo – convert RSS feeds, text articles and blog posts to podcasts.

Migrating Ipod music to Zune

Now that my Zune arrived from Microsoft store as part of my MVP awards (Thanks Microsoft!), i have been raring to find out if its good enough for me to giveaway my iPod and transfer my “content” to the zune. Unfortunately, a lot of my content are audiobooks. And the Zune is surprisingly not […]