Champion of Web Analytics!

A lot of people are starting to be aware of the value of analyzing web statistics. It is boring job. but hey, someone has to do it! What benefit does it give you? Think of your website as a customer contact experience. By analyzing the web traffic, you are in fact gaining more insight into […]

Adwords New Campaign Option: No End Date

Just got this on my adword alert: ‘No end date’ is a new option we’ve added to all AdWords campaigns. Advertisers now have two choices: set a specific end date for their campaign, or select ‘no end date’ to have a campaign run indefinitely. ” Google is also making an automatic adjustment to all existing […]

Adwords New Report: Ad Placement Performance Report

Google adwords just added a new report format in its offerings. It is called Placement Performance report. In google’s own words “to view performance metrics for ads that may be running on URLs or domains within our content network”.. This report shows me the different content sites that showed my ad. I can sort the […]

Learning how to use Shared fax services in Small Business Server

Learn how to do it by viewing this online shared fax presentation from microsoft! Instead of using the normal fax, connect a fax modem to your Microsoft Small business server and use its shared fax service! It has OCR that will get the text in the fax and copy it into an office application! No […]

CommunicAsia 2007

Choose one or all: This is what the organizers do to Die Hard Microsoft Vista fans! This is what the organizers do to overly inquisitive types This is what the organizers do to those that refuse to join the evil empire!