Learning how to use Shared fax services in Small Business Server

Learn how to do it by viewing this online shared fax presentation from microsoft!
Instead of using the normal fax, connect a fax modem to your Microsoft Small business server and use its shared fax service! It has OCR that will get the text in the fax and copy it into an office application! No more retyping!

No need to walk to the fax machine? NO need to worry about low paper, low toner, low ink…etc….

Here are some of my notes from that presentation:

1. Needed software (shared fax) is already part of Microsoft Small Business Server. You just need to configure it.
2. Allows for multiple inbound and outbound fax lines.
3. Instead of print, scan, fax, you can do it in one step from the desktop. YOu can even queue it within a 24 hour window
4. Copy text from fax into office applications!

Larry Garcia recommends dedicated modems. ONe modem for inbound, and one modem for outbound. You must be able to add more than one class 1 device.

Faxes will be stored in tif format and stored in 4 ways.
Use the fax configuration wizard to configure the shared fax. (Found in Server Management Console’s “To Do ” list)

Shared application is deployed at logon!

We can create our own cover page template by including our own company logo.

You can use the server management console to add client application (with msi extensions) to assign to client computers!