SBSTransit 51 + HP IPaq510+Nokia WIFI

On my way back from Jurong East, my wife and I decided to take the SBS transit bus #51 on the way back home. One thing I like about the SBSTransit is that on some of their buses, like Bus 51, 72 and 147, they have free WIFI! So since the trip will take about […]

NTC’s New VOIP Regulations

The short end of it: I dont like the regulations. The newer one is worse than the old one. Before, it was bad enough that NTC puts up a host of barriers to help entrenched players, NOW, the newer regulations even states the interconnection charges! My personal view is for NTC to review its policy […]

Asterisk Conference in Singapore

I was able to meet up with top Digium executives at the recently concluded Asterisk event held in Holiday Inn , Singapore. I went to the event with my brother in law Teng Han and his boss, Chuan Iau of They gave me an extra ticket. This allowed me to save at least 190 […]

Is Interconnection Actually Required for VOIP?

To quote from the draft rules on VOIP by the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC):  ” No value-added service provider shall provide VoIP services to the public for compensation – where such services require access to and/or use of a network provider’s network, facilities and/or equipment – unless it has entered into an agreement with such network […]

Broadvoice Problem Solved

I have finally found out why i kept on getting the “All circuits are busy now”. I had to go to the Asterix Logs and dig out why i was getting the busy signal. I found these entries: Jan 10 22:01:47 DEBUG[2553] chan_sip.c: Stopping retransmission on ‘’ of Request 102: Match Found Jan 10 22:01:47 […]