Broadvoice Problem Solved

I have finally found out why i kept on getting the “All circuits are busy now”. I had to go to the Asterix Logs and dig out why i was getting the busy signal. I found these entries:

Jan 10 22:01:47 DEBUG[2553] chan_sip.c: Stopping retransmission on ‘’ of Request 102: Match Found Jan 10 22:01:47 WARNING[2553] chan_sip.c: Forbidden – wrong password on authentication for INVITE to ‘”631614XXXX” ;tag=aXXXXX’

Jan 10 22:01:47 VERBOSE[10993] logger.c: — SIP/BroadVoice-cb88 is circuit-busy

Aha! Wrong password on authentication. This means that my username or password was wrong. And so this led me to check my sip trunk settings, and this is where i found out that the problem was a mistyped username……..

The thing is, i had sent the same 2 entries over to broadvoice support for about a week now, and none of their ‘support’ engineers figured out the problem……