Sharepoint and Workflow @ UG Meeting

I am now over 45 and turning 46. And yet, from time to time, I still turn giddy like a teenager when I see cool technology being demonstrated. This was the case last night when I was at the 22nd floor offices of Microsoft Singapore to attend the Sharepoint Users’ Group meeting. This is the […]

Sharepoint Search Service can not be Started

I had to recreate my sharepoint search service as it was not doing the full crawl again! This time, the process hanged and it was not able to completely remove the search database. It would just say “Stopping”. No amount of restarts could fix the problem. Some posts on the internet mentions using this: stsadm […]

Missing Sharepoint Search results

Symptom: Sharepoint V3.0 Users are unable to search for more recently added items in sharepoint site that uses sql2005. The search still works for older items. These older items were being returned by the sharepoint search. Doing some research on the net, I found out that the tempDB may run out of disk space. The […]