SQL2005 Encryption problem

I am getting null values when i decrypt the encrypted column in my table. As of now, i have no idea where i went wrong. Here is the sql statement i used: if not exists (select * from sys.symmetric_keys where symmetric_key_id=101) create master key encryption by password =abc123456&*(‘ go create certificate myportal with subject =’Credit […]

Outlook2003 connection error to Exchange 2003

To connect outlook 2003 via the internet (WAN) to exchange 2003, you need to follow the instructions located in your http://servername/remote (assuming sbs2003 sp2) on the right hand side, you will find a link “Connect Outlook via the internet” This will show you the step by step guide to configuring your outlook 2003 cllient to […]

Paypal to be fully operational by March 2007?

Can anyone verify this? I have come across information that Paypal will be fully operational in the Philippines by March 2007. This means that the Philippine computing community will now be able to both send and receive payments coming to and from the Philippines!

Digital Filipino WebMarketing

I was a guest speaker on Ms Janette Toral’s Digital Filipino WebMarketing affair. I met up with Jonas De los Reyes of Yehey.com, Elymar Apao of ATI web services, Charlie Gaw of The wedding library, and Alfred C. Ongyanco of Alfox.net among others. I got my exchange gift from Alfred’s daughter, Abby. Here is a […]