How to Backup Hyper-V VMs without shutting down

I just found out that the Windows Server Backup on R2 releases can now backup VMs without the need to shut them down. If you specify a AVD file to backup, Windows Server backup will create a vshadow copy first before making the actual backup. No more need for expensive 3rd party applications to do […]

Installing Panasonic KX-MB3150CX on my Mac Book Pro

I googled and found this site: Where i was able to download the installer file: However, installing a printer driver on a MAC is way more involved than installing the printer driver on the PC. Thankfully, there is a PDF manual to explain the step by step. Hope this helps you.

Why I bought a Mac Book Pro

Being a Windows MVP, i have been using wintel machines exclusively. That is, until my friend Martin suggested that I use xcode to develop apps for iPhones. Since Xcode only runs on Apple IOS and I also wanted to try out the cool video and photo image editing utilities like Lightroom 3, i finally decided […]