alternate URL

Just texted Art S. about my not being able to log in to my favorite security site. Art replied that we should use the original URL (http://technews-isaw.blogspot.comĀ ) to access the site.

Cool Google Search Feature – Calculator To use Google’s built-in calculator function, simply enter the calculation you’d like done into the search box and hit the Enter key or click on the Google Search button. The calculator can solve math problems involving basic arithmetic, more complicated math, units of measure and conversions, and physical constants. Try one of the sample […]

Removing Stale Content from Google Search results

You *had* a page before. It was deleted or migrated somewhere else. The problem is that google had its crawler add the stale site to its database. Now, search results still include this stale site. The question here is, how do we immediately delete this from google’s search results? The simplest answer is HERE in […]

XBOX 360 Game console

I brought back an XBOX 360 premium pack game console from Taiwan when i went there for the Computex 2006. My kids played the old xbox games on it, and at least for HALO2, the graphics are now sharper and better. The response time to the joysticks are faster! The neat xbox updates enables more […]

Notes on Computex 2006

This year saw a lot more products on VOIP, more particularly, making Skype work on standalone phones….and on PABXes. Some other directions were on IP cameras, and global satellite positioning devices… What i was interested on was the Intel Duo Core technology. Over at Hall 4 where Intel had their exhibits, the technical staff there […]