Publicly Open Analytics

I stumbled upon this site: QuantCast that comes close to what i wanted to have for some of my sites, as i had blogged on “Google Analytics Wishlist“

Annoying Zip Behavior

I have zipped a file using windows explorer, send to “[tag-tec]compress (zipped) folder[/tag-tec]”. I upload it to my windows sharepoint portal site. My user then downloads and unzips it. But then we discover that we need to add the .zip extension to the “unzipped” file, and then unzip it a second time? What gives? Is […]

Google Analytics Wishlist

Ive been using google’s free tool : [tag-tec]Google Analytics [/tag-tec] for quite some time now. I love the idea of being able to share the analytics reports with other parties via email. Id love it even more, if google were to have a feature to allow a code snippet to be embedded into a target […]

More keywords Ranked: Longtail or Shady SEO?

I am a firm believer in Chris Andersons’ Long Tail. This is where the revenue from small margin items produce the bulk a company’s revenue by sheer number of such small items. In the SEO world, this translastes to having a client’s website optimized not only for a couple of phrases, but optimized for as […]

HDMI Next Step that i am watching HDMI, my next idea or project is to be able to encode it. Imagine playing on an Xbox 360 and encoding its HDMI output to windows media. Then post it on my blog and let people watch the high resolution game replay! ON research, my dream capture card is now […]