IBM blamed for GSIS woes

Inquirer ( reported today that the GSIS intends to sue IBM for GSIS’s woes on DB2 server crashing! On the surface, it looks like IBM’s DB2 product did not scale very well to handle GSIS transaction volume. IBM’s defense is that it was not part of the evaluation process in the selection of the GSIS […]

Sharepoint RSS to Static HTML

I am currently doing some research for a project of mine. The need is for sharepoint lists and documents to be exported into a static html page. I am thinking of enabling RSS feature on the sharepoint site and then using an RSS to CMS or Feed to CMS system to do the rest. The […]

Sharepoint Anonymous Access Missing

I was playing around with a sharepoint team site. I wanted to grant access to the public and not have the website pop up an authentication window. I read the instructions on the Microsoft site about having to go into the Site Settings/Advanced Permissions, and on the Settings, finding and clicking on the “Anonymous Access” […]

Getting AC3 Audio to Play on Samsung HT-TX22

I finally got my home theater speakers setup properly. So the next thing i find myself doing is going to the local music stores to buy sensurround audio music. I couldnt find any. So I bought some on the internet from The problem here is that I chose the AC3 format. It doesnt play […]