Google Analytics

Just got my invitation from Google to access Google Analytics yesterday. I immediately added two test sites to see what insights Google analytics can tell me about the effectively of my adwords campaign.

Telcos are eavesdropping. Is this fair?

I know business is bad, but i hope not that bad that the following rumor is true? These telco/s is/are tapping into the lines at Bitstop Internet Service E1/R2s to find out the numbers of all Bitstop subscribers and Nitro card users. These telco/s then generate a report of that contains all the numbers that […]

Smart Posting that Increases Traffic

I just witnessed a bright idea from my neighbor, The author is a prolific poster. Not only does he writes for his own blogs, but makes it a point to read other blogs as well. He also leaves a lot of comments on other blogs and websites. This already gives him great exposure, but […]

Cellphones can crack RFID

Just got floored when i read this article that cellphones can be used to crack RFID tags. Shamir suggests that market pressure by vendors to bring down the cost of RFID tags has resulted in them eliminating many of the security features available in the tags. RFID tags are becoming more and more commonplace […]

10 day kayako trial

We got this from Kayako as part of our online desktop support R&D: “Your Trial Application has been setup successfully. The subdomain will be available within a period of 5-10 minutes depending upon Queue Load. Your Trial will be removed from our system automatically after a period of 7 days.” Client Support Center: Staff […]