Sennheiser PC 35 and Windows Vista Driver Problem Solved

My hats off to Mr Tan, the manager at Challenger Store in Vivo City. Despite receiving the badly damaged packaging, he agreed to replace my Sennheiser PC 35 USB. He tried desperately to make it work, but also couldnt do it on my Vista, or on THEIR Windows Vista machines either. I later on learned […]

Sennheiser PC 35 USB and Windows Vista Driver problem

I bought my Sennheiser PC 35 USB for its noise cancelling microphone. I was very excited to connect it to my Samsung Q35 notebook and make it run my voice commands. Problem was that it wouldn’t install properly on my notebook. A visit to the Sennheiser product website at icm_eng.nsf/root/500910# wasnt of much use […]

Zune does not work with DVD Player

My Philips HDMI DVD player has a USB port. I connected my iPod to it. It was able to play all the contents in the iPod. I then went and connected my Zune to the USB port of the Philips HDMI DVD player. It doesnt even recognize it!

The bet is on! Ubuntu vs. Microsoft. Help Ubuntu win!

I will be rooting for the Microsoft Side to win. Try adding drivers! read more | digg story (No flames please from the Ubuntu fans!) If you have things that you can do on a Microsoft machine that cant be done on Ubuntu, then we would have helped the Professor win the bet. My first […]

Adsense Ad Bug!

I wrote to Adsense about a bug in their new adsense ads for displaying multiple color backgrounds. It seems when enabled on a web property, the ad comes out in black! Adsense support quickly came back to confirm that there was a bug that was causing the black background in an ad to appear when […]