Masseur Gets Millions from Google – New York Times

SAN FRANCISCO – Ms Bonnie Brown was fresh from a nasty divorce in 1999, living with her sister and uncertain of her future. On a lark, she answered an advertisement for an in-house masseuse at Google, then a Silicon Valley start-up with 40 employees. She was offered the part-time job, which started out at US$450 […]

A new way to Monetize your expertise via Skype

I had upgraded my skype to be able to load LIVE conferences. After the installation process, a window pops up to inform me that SKype now has Skype PRime Beta. Skype prime beta allows you to charge callers for advise. Skype takes 30% of the revenues. I found out that the maximum charge is 2.50 […]

Is Matt Cutts the Link Nazi?

This post is part of the treasure hunt. You are supposed to go to google and enter: “Is Matt Cutts the link nazi” And then visit any page on the internet that shows up for this phrase “Is Matt Cutts the link nazi”. Once you are on the page, find the Outbound Links in […]

Google keyword tool:Why the difference in values?

I had my staff use to estimate the average cost per click of selected keywords. I myself used my adwords accounts and used this While both tools are from google, I have found that the average cost per click of the same keyword is higher (by about 200-300%) when compared with the values […]

Error using Adsense Multi Palette

The idea is tempting. To combat ad blindness, we rotate the color of the ad banner. Google Adsense allows this throught the use of the multiple palette option. I enabled this by choosing up to four color palettes and then embedding the new code into one of my sites. The problem is, where the google […]