RDP over SSL

RDP is the remote desktop protocol that we use to remotely log in to a server and manage it. The problem with this is that RDP does not authenticate the server. An imposter can masquerade as your target server, and you may be fooled into logging into it, thereby revealing your log in details to […]

Some Diagnostic Test for VOIP

As part of troubleshooting a VOIP connection to UK in london, i came across 2 sites that would help one get a benchmark and determine if the problem is a client side problem or a service provider side problem. One is http://www.testmyvoip.com   and the other is http://nyc.speakeasy.net/   and the other is

Who is Responsible?

Some users are complaining that email coming from google is not being received. An investigation reveals that the mail filtering system is blocking the receipt of the emails coming from google.com. -‘The ip address is listed in the DNS blacklist’. A check at spamcop reveals the following: listed in bl.spamcop.net ( If there are […]