Verizon’s Report Outlines Time to Respond for Web Incidents

42% takes days before a web incident can be contained.

How to Remove Leading Zeros in Excel

I had the occasion to download a blacklist of IPs. The problem was that this machine generated list padded zeros in front of it. For example, instead of it was listed as I didnt relish having to manually edit all 10,000 IP addresses. So I did research. This post gave a formula to […]

Using Squid to block WordPress XMLRPC attacks

Have you been hit with a lot of xmlrpc based attacks on your wordpress installation? Are attackers planning to insert malware into your wordpress installation (soak-soak)? I have a simple solution to share with you. Since this website uses BNShosting web mirror service, i thought of using the squid service to block the tons of […]

How to Work on Large Log files in Windows

I had to search through a 400++ gb squid proxy log file. The problem here is that you can’t use Notepad or Wordpad on such a large file. It wont open due to the large size. Quick idea: use GREP command to filter out the large file into a smaller workable file. The problem is […]

How the Internet Affects Anna’s Future

How the Internet Affects Anna’s Future A hypothetical World First, let us create a hypothetical world where Senator Bam Aquino’s recent inquiry into the Philippines’ slowest and most expensive Internet in Asia (Youtube Video) has all the stakeholders coming together and miraculously agreeing to a solution. They implement 10 and 100gbps peering immediately. This solution […]