Windows FTP Firewall Settings

Ever get problems with listing the FTP directories after a successful login? Ever have it hang on you? I found the solution to this problem and a great explanation as well on this site: In essense, in my case, it was a firewall problem. It wasnt enough to just allow the FTP port 21 […]

How DOS can lead to SPF Failure

DOS = Denial of Service attacks, typically but not exclusively done using larger bandwidth against a bandwidth limited victim SPF = Sender Provider Format , a system to ensure that spoofed emails (masquerades) are not accepted. It all started when I got spoofed emails on my Inbox coming from my own email address! Since I […]

MVP Awards!

Thanks Microsoft for renewing my MVP award for digital media. I hope to see my colleagues next year at the MVP summit in Seattle! If you are reading this and wondering what MVP is all about, check out their facebook This year, im thinking of doing more research around how to reduce noise in […]