Moving Sharepoint Configuration Database

Found this great article on how to move sharepoint configuration databases across servers: Instructions for moving a configuration database from one SQL server to another 1.Backup configuration database from the source SQL server 2.Restore the backup onto the target SQL server (Note: this is your opportunity to rename the config database if desired) 3.Run […]

Sharepoint Search Express 2008 Issue

I was frustrated at repeated failures in installing sharepoint search server express 2008 over my VM Windows 2008 SBS. The installation kept on failing. Description: Microsoft Search Server 2008 Express setup did not complete successfully. Problem signature: Problem Event Name: Office12Setup Problem Signature 01: {10120000-1F00-0000-0000–0000000FF1CE} Problem Signature 02: 12.0.6217.1000 Thankfully, i stumbled upon and […]

Adobe iFilter for Sharepoint

Taking off from the tip given to me by Steven Sofian, I decided to test out the inclusion of PDFs in the search index of sharepoint. Prior to this, only microsoft word, excel and office documents were searchable on sharepoint search results. The best instructions on how to do this came from : First, […]

Sharepoint Search Return No Result Part 2

On antoher sharepoint site that I manage, the search returns NO result for an item that I know exist in the sharepoint DB. A look at the event logs showed the following error: Access is denied. Check that the Default Content Access Account has access to this content, or add a crawl rule to crawl […]

Search Server Express 2008 Notes Part 1

So after being convinced by Steve S at the Singapore Sharepoint User’s Group, I decided to test out Search Serve Express edition on one of my existing Sharepoint Sites. So as Steve said, my existing sharepoint search could not search inside PDFs. ( I confirmed this by uploading a PDF document and searching for contents […]