First Poster Advantage

Just read Marc M’s email about SEO philippines having its own forum. So i had the opportunity to be the very first to make the post on the forum. I know the forum will soon be flooded with great posts for SEO afficionados! Hurray for me not doing anything on a Sunday….just like Marc!

Sender ID and Windows Live Mail

Following the mystery surrounding the rejection of emails coming from our hosted clients, i took a look at windows live mail policy. The error message stated that the mail was returned due to “policy restrictions”. It was then that i learned that Microsoft was now using Sender ID framework to block out spam. is […]

Evolution of Blog Spam and counter measures

Captchas were very effective in stopping automated blog spams. These spam tend to clobber the comment boxes of blogs and make the links and reading it less palatable to the blog reader. That was round one. In the next round, we will start seeing blog spams employing spam armies that read the captchas and human […]