Outlook2003 connection error to Exchange 2003

To connect outlook 2003 via the internet (WAN) to exchange 2003, you need to follow the instructions located in your http://servername/remote (assuming sbs2003 sp2) on the right hand side, you will find a link “Connect Outlook via the internet”

This will show you the step by step guide to configuring your outlook 2003 cllient to connect to the exchange 2003 server. Essential steps include:

1. Getting the client computer to trust the exchange server certificate
2. Using control panel/mail settings to configure an email profile
3. Using Exchange via http and setting basic authentication

On the server side, you also need to enable http-rpc on the exchange by going into the system manager and setting the exchange server to be Back end rpc. You will get a warning message but this is okay. You need to set some registry settings as well, but this article from Daniel Petri’s website http://www.petri.co.il/configure_rpc_over_https_on_a_single_server.htm was a great help!