Remote Web Workplace Error

My Windows Small Business Server test server had a problem with the Remote Web Workplace. It had the “Page can not be displayed” when you attempt to access the It turns out that the default web did not have a ssl port specified (443). I already had a wildcard server certificate installed, so i […]

Safari Download a dud

I downloaded safari 3 beta unto my windows vista and wanted to try out its “speed”. I was not at all happy with the “speed” as it was slower than both firefox and internet explorer 7.0 I will wait until the “final” version is out. This version 3 beta is super slowwwww.!!

Title: Enhancing Transcription Work Flow with Windows 2003 WSS

Have you ever searched for technology or software that your firm can use to enhance your staff’s team work and coordination? My short answer would be for you to invest in Windows Small Business Server 2003.   The Business background I am lucky to be involved with not only with Bitstop Network Services Inc (, […]

Guy Kawasaki lists steps to creating web2.0 site

The Truemors site was made and chronicled by Guy Kawasaki here. I agree, if it had been anyone else but Guy, the site may not have taken off. Anyway, my congratulations to Mr Kawasaki for his successful launch!