Real Media attacks real people via RealPlayer

Real media adverstising servers were explotied to deliver malware to end users. This attack vector is alarming. read more | digg story

Microsoft: How the Empire Plans to Strike Back

Microsoft was late to online advertising, letting Google all but run away with that sector. It hasn ’t had a big Web 2.0 hit yet. But Steve Ballmer isn’t worried. Instead of buying yahoo or google at their peak, Microsoft would be better off buying or investing in the next yahoo or google, while these […]

Xbox 360 HD DVD Problem (Fix Inside)

A fix for people having problems with with their HD DVD Xbox 360 player for certain movies…by going into the settings, selecting the HD player instead of the hard drive, and deleting some cookies. read more | digg story

Zune Wireless..not worthless

From: A Microsoft employee was kind enough to explain the wireless capabilities of its new Zune personal media player. The list diffuses much of the hype that has been circulating the Internet in recent months. The Zune can: search for and find other nearby Zunes send songs back after a three day or three […]