Widows Live Training in Thailand

Again my thanks to Jay J of Microsoft for including me in the fantastic training on Windows Live offerings.

Here is a summary of the things that were new to me and I learned only from the training, and from the members of the class:

  1. Windows Virtual Earth and Map Crunch (from Hugh S. of New Zealand)
  2. Windows Live writer  (which incidentally was used in posting to this WordPress blog. Of course it works with Microsoft’s spaces.live.com too!)
  3. Integrating Windows Messenger enhancements (Agents etc) into web apps…like Facebook (buddy presence and chat)
  4. Windows Live authentication (Live ID, Live Data, Live Control)
  5. Use of Visual Studio to create astounding applications in a flash! (Thanks to Tim VDD of Microsoft for helping me out on the class exercises)
  6. Use of websites like dev.live.com and quickstartwl.com
  7. ZoomIt for zooming into presentations and showing off small fonts in your presentations into bigger sized graphics.
  8. Skydrive
  9. Windows Spaces and RSS alerts
  10. Creating Events (geo aware) in Spaces with Virtual Earth Maps
  11. Silverlight Encoder (cool apps!!!)