Keyloggers in Cyber Cafes Sanctioned by Govt?

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ISAW was informed that most of the keyloggers in Internet cafes are sanctioned by the governmet. An Internet cafe owner informed us that some personnel of a law enforcement agency has approaced him and talked to him about the possibility of putting keyloggers in all of his internet cafes. The trade-off is that they “will not be touched” with their use of pirated copies of some software

Although technically possible to do, one might think this would not be the most efficient way to do it. Here are some reasons why:

1. If you monitor on the cyber cafe level, then the government would have to talk to a lot of people. The cat would be out of the bag. It would be hard to keep this a secret
2. The country’s Internet traffic passes only thru a few international gateways, so if cybersnooping WERE to take place, one would think that the Government would already be in cahoots with our favorite telcos and gateway operators. This is in fact done in other countries.
3. A step up the ladder would be to gain the ‘cooperation’ of gmail, yahoo and hotmail. God knows, most of us have emails in those services.

The clear giveaway to a country-wide snooping would be the day when the government outlaws encryption. This pretty much makes it harder to snoop the emails etal that are passing thru.