Mark Martirez over at box.ph box.com.ph clued me in on this beta tool. (Ive always wondered how he gets these ahead of me). Apparently, if you want to gain top rank in a search term, the first thing to do is to see who ranks the highest. And http://www.prase.us/ is the site to do this. […]

Gmail as a Forensic Tool

In my previous post on Gmail, i mentioned using it as a forensic tool. You may be forgiven if you think that there is absolutely nothing about Gmail that can be used as a forensic tool.

Search Engine Optimization Tips

The following is from an email sent to me by John Bertrand. He is a professional search engine optimizer with office in the Philippines, The Netherlands and the US. He is the proprietor of JNB WEB PROMOTION http://www.jnbwebpromotion.com/ and provides search engine optimization, copywriting, reciprocal linking, hosting, software programming and article marketing services. Misconceptions about […]

No Response yet from Broadvoice

Is anyone out there also using broadvoice AND pointing their ASTERIX platform to use proxy.lax.broadvoice.com? I am still getting the “All circuits are busy now errors”. I have not yet heard a word from support@broadvoice.com…..Maybe the user community is a better source of support than broadvoice. wah!!!!