Minimizing Robot Generated Comments

My other blog usually gets spammed with a lot of automated entries from robots. For every 10 posts i delete, the robots are able to create 10 more. Fortunately, blogspot has a feature called “word verification”. This feature can be activated by going into the Settings/comments tab. If you select ‘yes’, all posters will be […]

Adding Adsense to your Blog

Blogspot now comes with adsense built in. You can add adsense by going into the template/adsense and following the steps there. However, the problem one encounters is that the option given in this adsense interface is rather limited. For example, i wanted to have the adsense ads come out on the left hand side bar. […]

email publishing @ blogspot

I just had to try it out. Being able to publish to my blog via email was too irresistible to NOT try out. I already imagine myself using a blackberry to update my blog using this. Cool feature. I hope it works.

Blogspot appearing in wrong language

Being able to read and write chinese, i have chinese loaded as a language option in my internet browser. Surprise, surprise! When i wanted to create a blog of my own on blogspot, the whole main menu appeared in chinese. This got me thinking, of how i can set my default to appear in […]