Subscribed to SEO-Philippines Yahoo egroups

Just subscribed and got accepted to the SEO-Philippines Yahoo group. I have an immediate reward in the form of links to SEO articles from the confirmation email that i got. Definitely worth joining this forum!:

Book 1: Keyword Research Guide from Wordtracker (75 pages)

This book presents the keyword research task in case study format.
It’s slightly biased towards Wordtracker, but the concept of “niche-
finding” is carried throughout the book, which makes it a very
worthwile read.

Book 2: Search Engine Fast Start by Dan Thies (94 pages)

This is the definitive 360-degree SEO overview. It’s somewhat
outdated (January 2004) but majority of the concepts discussed are
still relevant.

Book 3: The Definitive Guide to Link Buying by Patrick Gavin.