Ideas to Promote your skills

Being an IT expert does not necessarily lead to commercial success. You have to do a lot of ‘branding’ and get the word out that you are the ‘answer’ to the prayers of your potential clients. Here are several ideas you can use are as follows: 1. You can embark on public service projects while […]

Asterisk Project: Make it work with Lingo

Has anyone successfully made asterisk to work with lingo? I did an online search, and it seems that while everyone has the same idea, no one has done it yet. It seems now is a better time, because Lingo recently came out with their softphone. I am going to be working with Mark ( to […]

SEO Related: Make Money Online

Mark Martirez of shared this cool site from john chow. I also saw it as a google ads in one of my blogs. So i decided to join his Make Money Online promo. His idea is simple. I just go over to his site, review it, and write about it with the link text […]