Ideas to Promote your skills

Being an IT expert does not necessarily lead to commercial success. You have to do a lot of ‘branding’ and get the word out that you are the ‘answer’ to the prayers of your potential clients. Here are several ideas you can use are as follows:

1. You can embark on public service projects while establishing yourself.
2. Create a website and run a google adwords campaign.
3. Create a website, and help others with problems in your area of expertise.
4. Write articles for respected magazines and respond to comments from your readers.
5. Engage in PR campaigns
6. Join industry associations
7. Volunteer in worthwhile projects
8. Create events like demos and seminars
9. Provide useful comments on industry blogs
10 Provide risk free trials of your service

If you have the budget and are pressed for time, you may also try public relations for IT companies in the Philippines? It may be worth the investment.

A longer term solution that comes to mind is the formation of business alliances (not partnerships). One usually does not have all the skills to tackle a big project. Instead of hiring regular employees that contribute to fixed overhead, it may be more beneficial for you to sub contract the portion of work to associates. In other words, form loose alliances.

For example, Chris Tan of Xyon is an expert in apple computing. While my field is mostly in Microsoft based technology. Chris can tap me for his projects that need Microsoft certified professionals, and i , in turn can tap him for projects that may need apple computing expertise.

Both of us benefit from this setup. We can each sub contract portions of our work to each other. This I think, will be a better and more efficient means of tackling bigger projects without spending too much on overheads.