What if i like the Adsense Ad?

So its not allowed by Google policies to click on adsense ads that are appearing on your website. So what do you do when you see a contextually targetted ad that is REALLY interesting to you?

Here is what you can do. Hover your mouse pointing over the ad, and look at the bottom left part of your browser, you should see a link come up. Enter the link in the address bar of your browser and click to go to that site.

Personally, i think its much simpler for Google Adsense to simply not credit links made from the same ip address as the author’s site. Because if you think about it, an author is passionate about what he writes about, and Google is good at contextual advertising. Put the two together, and you will see ads that really, really matter to the author.

The act of clicking on these ads , not for profit, but for ease of use issues is really, really tempting.