SEO Project: Candy Factory

Bnshosting new website Galaxy Candy is selling native candies of the pastillas variety online. I have adopted this as a lab project for SEO work. If this website wanted to maximize its online revenues, what keyword is the best?

I have done some keyword research and the following are the highest bidded entries for the “candy” category:

  • bulk candy
  • chocolates candies
  • toffee candy
  • candy baskets
  • m&m candies
  • candy apples
  • In terms of search traffic however, these are the terms that generate the highest traffic (highest to lowest):

  • candies
  • candy
  • candy bar
  • candy cane
  • chocolate candy
  • lg chocolate
  • big rock candy mountain
  • buckeye candy
  • Which should i be recommending as the optimal keyword to use? The ones which other competitors want? Or the keywords that generate the highest traffic? Or should we stick to what is relevant for the site, which is the keyword “Pastillas” , “Gourmet Sweets”,”tropical fruit candy”?

    This is the quote from google:

    It’s important to remember that keyword selection for your campaigns should be based on quality versus quantity; more relevant keywords are more likely to get you results. Therefore, higher search volume keywords or keywords with higher advertiser competition don’t necessarily always provide more qualified leads and can result in higher costs with less return on your investment.

    My preference right now is for “Tropical Fruit Candy”. It more accurately describes our client’s product offering, and would likely be more relevant to the visitors.