New Microsoft OPX technology

I got introduced to this in the recently concluded Microsoft Partner Conference in Boston. I heard Mr Wil Engles of Whiteboxsolutions sing high praises for this product!

Other details include snippets from and are reproduced below:

“The OPK eXtender is a powertoy for the Windows® OEM Preinstallation Kit (OPK) that adds system builder-specific features to the OPK. OPX extends the functionality of the OPK in two ways:

• Automating many of the manual OPK tasks.
• Adding new features designed to meet the needs of system builders.

OPX adds a management layer to the preinstallation infrastructure that you create with the OPK. With the graphical user interface (GUI) of OPX, you can run the most frequently used command-line OPK tools and manage the configuration sets created by the OPK.”