Mike Abundo Alert to NTC Draft and related matters

I stumbled into Mike A’s blog about NTC draft mulling over the possibility of requiring websites to register with the website. The blog was titled: Philippine Telco Board Wants Sites to Register!

Judging from the amount of comments on Mike A’s blog, it seems there is an overwhelming resistance to the idea. Before forming an opinion though, whether for or against it, I wanted to take a closer look at the ACTUAL draft proposal.

So I went over to the NTC website to look for it. NOpe. it wasnt there yet. I also went over to Manila Times to try to look for the original article by Jim Ayson. Funny, i couldnt find it also. So i tried to google it. Nope it only points back to Mike A’s blog. So Mike, if you happen to read this, what is the exact URL to more details about the draft proposal?

If there is such a proposal, what are its pros and cons? Would there be possible benefit to the public? How would the NTC ‘sell’ this idea?

ONe thing did catch my eye when i was visiting the NTC site. It had a globe telecoms reply to NTC request for data retention. In it, Globe agrees with NTC to retain the data for up to 2 months. But claims costs considerations would prevent it from holding it for a longer period of time.

Now granted that the sheer volume of calls is stagerring, i would think that compression routines would help in lowering the cost of keeping the data for a longer period of time. Add to this the falling prices of HD-DVD or Blue Ray technologies. But that is just the techie side of me talking. Heck a 1 TB hard drive system wouldnt cost THAT much now would it?

Greets to my mother in law by the way, who is celebrating her birthday today. Thankfully, i did not miss those friendly reminders from Ms Janette ” To express your gratitude to your moms by sending them a special gift