Microsoft Website Spark!

Microsoft WebsiteSpark ignites success in the Web business by helping Web Pros to drive new business opportunities through connections with partners and customers around the world. WebsiteSpark also provides Web Pros with Microsoft software and solutions, as well as support and training opportunities. Through their participation in WebsiteSpark, Network Partners can grow their own business and customer base by gaining exposure as a Microsoft partner and participating in an ecosystem that includes not only Web developers and designers, but also their customers.

Please visit Microsoft will also have a local launch of this campaign on February 19, 9 A.M – 5 P.M, 16th floor Microsoft Office for web pros. We will be inviting 100 web pros. If you know any web developer or designer whom you think should attend the event, you can send their contact information to Alezandra and Mellie.

The first local edition of MSDN Flash is targeted to be released on February 9. Please visit for details.