Linksys Wireless 300 N router’s Low Signal Strength

Got an SOS from Greg L. about his new Linksys Wifi Router 300 N model. Even at 5 ft away, the signal comes in at one bar!

After eliminating the obvious – interference, and antenna issues, like the Panasonic cordless phones or microwave Ovens, Greg was finally able to solve his problems by calling in linksys tech support to end his misery!

The solution was to upgrade the bios or the firmware to a beta version of a soon to be released version!

After 3 different calls with LinkSys support (3 hours total…their tech support ops are in Philippines), we finally got my router working. Had to upgrade the bios to beta version of a soon to be released version. Had to change some beacon and other threshold settings. Anyway, finally got it to work.