HDMI Next Step

Ah..now that i am watching HDMI, my next idea or project is to be able to encode it. Imagine playing on an Xbox 360 and encoding its HDMI output to windows media. Then post it on my blog and let people watch the high resolution game replay!

ON research, my dream capture card is now the BlackMagic Intensity Pro. I have sourced a supplier but the price is too high for me still. Is there other alternative to this card? Also, i am told that the blackmagic pro can not yet support the 1080P resolution. Right now it can only support the 1080I resolution. The tech support of blackmagic suggested that i take a look at the more expensive Osprey solution.

The tech guy from Black magic has emailed me to say that the bandwidth required for 1080P is so high that most computers can handle the extra bandwidth. I hope not. I have fully souped up Intel duo core 2 with 1 gb of memory. The Osprey solution is on the more expensive side. This i can not support as of now!
Maybe there is also a card supplier in the Philippines? I can send money to the Philippines online for this purpose. Just let me know where else or what other models i can use.